Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 17th. Why THIS Bootcamp is the Bootcamp for you. {moms & dads}

There is a universal sadness that I hear repeated by parent after parent.

It is a lament about the unstoppable passage of time.

It takes our babies and then in the blink of an eye, a sweet and sassy toddler appears in his place.

*Blink* again- we now have a precocious preschooler.

And try as we might, to hold back our blinks and the subsequent passage of time, the years fly by and our babies grow up.  {Mine included. sniff sniff}

Sadly, I have yet to learn the skill of stopping time.  But I HAVE learned how to preserve the meaningful moments in our lives.  And on Saturday, May 17th, I would like to share this skill set with you.

During session one {9:00am-12:30pm, investment- $300} you will learn how to use your camera in manual mode.  Translation: No more blurry photos, dark photos, or missed moments.  You will have the tools to control your camera and produce more consistent, properly exposed photos.

During session two {1:30-4:30pm, investment- $300}  "real life. your life." will be explained in detail.  My goal is to help you master photographic story telling, to capture the moments of your rapidly growing children and family.

Please don't let another year of "I wish I knew how to take better pictures of my family" pass. You can't go back in time and re-do the photos of your life.  Learn these skills now and preserve your memories forever. 

To secure your seat at this important {and possibly emotional} Bootcamp, please email, or call 717-689-3277 {office hours are most Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays}.  A $150 deposit is required to reserve your seat.  The remaining balance may be paid at the Bootcamp.

Location: Dalton, Pa  As always, yummies will be provided.  :)

**Referral discount**  Refer a friend who attends and a $50 "Thank you!" discount will be given to you!

*PS Please excuse the sepia photos.  They were black and white, until Blogger got a hold of them and decided that sepia was better.