Friday, March 18, 2016

Limited Edition Styled Sessions Q & A

Limited Edition Styled Sessions have become a mainstay here at Kim Winey Photography.  They feed my creative soul and I can't imagine NOT offering them to my clients, now!

Because they are such a unique experience I often receive questions about how they work.  Here you can find some Q & A's explaining the process.  Please leave comments below, if you have more!

Q. What is a Limited Edition Styled Session?

A. Limited Edition Styled Sessions are photo shoots with a strong theme that feels like a page out of a storybook.  

All of the clothing, props, scene, hair styles, etc... are meticulously coordinated to produce an artistic interpretation of that theme.  The children who enter into the scene basically take on the role of a character within that story.

For example, in "la boutique de jardin", the story is of a quaint, French garden shoppe.  The character is the young woman who owns the shop, - a charming, little lady who is a lover of plants, flowers and vintage finds.

"la boutique de jardin"

Q. Do you provide the clothes and props for Styled Sessions?

A. Sometimes, yes!  But not always.  I have a few articles of clothing and accessories in my "prop and clothing closest" that my clients are welcome to rent at a very low cost.  However, typically clients purchase their own clothes and keep them after the session.

I also work closely with Danielle, from Lemon Daisy Boutique for clothing!  Together, we create items that work beautifully with the theme on hand.  (The above bubble shorts, top and suspenders were made by Danielle.)

"Camp Christmas"

Q. If I need to purchase clothing, how do I know what type of clothing to pick?

A. I have Pinterest boards for all of my styled shoots.  On the boards you will find both inspiration photos for the session (props, flowers, etc...) as well as photos of clothing suggestions.  I often have links to the shops where you can purchase the clothing as well!

I also ask to view all of the options you're considering, before you purchase to make sure we stay on the same creative page.  

"Oh Christmas Tea"

Q. Can I request a theme for my child's Limited Edition Styled Session?

A. Yes, suggestions are always welcome!  However, due to the large amount of work and financial investment involved in styled sessions, I need to create sessions that are open to several families.  I also need to make sure that the concept is able to be created in a way that is lush and well put together.  Having a personal connection to the theme is also important to me, I've discovered.  The more I feel moved by the theme, the better the shoot becomes!

If you would like a custom made Limited Edition Styled Session for your family only, that can be arranged.  Prices for a custom made session vary depending on the cost of the props, rental of the property, as well as the time invested in reparation and set up.

Inspired by "My Many Colored Days" 

Q. How long do the sessions usually last?

A. Typically we schedule one hour for our shoot, however I ask that clients come early to prepare hair, clothing, and accessories.  Additional time can be booked for families of three or more.

I am usually on hand to help with hair styling and accessorizing, before our session.

"Bohemian Family Fun-fest"

Q. How many photos will be taken during a styled session?

A. The quantity of photos varies depending on the number of children involved, how many activities we have, and how cooperative your child is.  ;)  You are guaranteed a minimum of 25 edited images, but will most likely receive many more.  Along with photos of your child, I typically include detail photos of the scene, as well.  These look beautiful along side your child's photos in a book or in a collage on the wall.

"Just Gingers"

Q. What will my child be doing during the session?

A. My goal is always to capture realistic photos of kids, vs posed/looking at the camera types of shots.  In order to accomplish this, I always have activities planned for the session.  The activities vary depending on the story line.

For example- in "The Potter's Farm Garden & Harvest" session, the kids were able to dig through the dirt and harvest potatoes!

"Potter's Farm Garden & Harvest"

Generally speaking, we spend only a few minutes at each activity to keep the session interesting.

I often include a drink or a snack with the styled sessions, as well!  I'm a foodie...  I just can't help myself.

"la boutique de jardin"
Q. What ages work best for styled sessions?

A. Since the sessions involve instructions and activities the best ages are usually from 3 and up. Younger children sometimes join the fun as well, but parents understand in advance that they will most likely do what they want, vs taking instructions from me.  ;-)

"Christmas in July"

Q. How do I know what styled sessions you are planning?

A. I try to announce my styled sessions on Facebook and this blog.  Follow along on FB for further details or give me a call for advanced notifications of what's on my mind!  717-689-3277

"Mudpie Mayhem"
Q. What happens if it rains on our session date?

A. I cry.  Then we go for our back up date or reschedule if we hadn't pick one in advance.

"Seasons Greetings"

Q. Do you take new clients for your styled sessions?

A. Yes!  I usually give advanced notice to my private "Best of the best VIP" group, but after that anyone can join!

"Boho Truck"

Q. Where do your styled shoots take place?

A. Usually, they are in Northeastern, Pa.  However, I've had a few in Philadelphia, at Maggpie Vintage Rentals.  Unfortunately, that space is no longer available, as they've moved out of the pretty part of their warehouse.

As our family life transitions to a son in college (2017), I anticipate doing more styled shoots near our home, in Lancaster County.

"Up in the Attic ~ Dress up time"

Q. Do you ever create styled shoots with only a few props.

A. Sometimes, but usually.  My goal is to create scenes that look so full and rich that people assume everything was already there.  As if we simply showed up and used the space for our photos.

There are a few exceptions though, one being "The Steamtown Train Station" sessions. Steamtown is a tourist stop, in Scranton, Pa.  The location already has several fabulous backdrops, so a suitcase and a teddy bear are typically all we need to take along, to bring the scenes to life!  Because of this, I can book sessions at Steamtown almost year round.  Easy peasy!

"Steamtown Train Station"

Q.  What are the costs of your Styled Sessions?

A.  The average client will spend between $1,000 and $1,200 when all is said and done, though this can vary greatly depending on what is chosen by the client.

Retainers (formerly called sitting fees) start at $250.  Additional fees apply for multiple children & adults.

"Oh Christmas Tea"
Q.  What Limited Edition Styled Sessions are coming up?

A.  "le potager" is currently getting my full attention!

We are transforming a humble yarden into a beautiful and edible garden that will include vegetables, herbs and flowers (also edible!).  The kids who step into this scene will take on the role of the hard working, nature loving gardener!

This will be an experience like none other, as I'll not only be taking pictures, but the activities will be educational (and of course fun!), as well.  Don't be surprised if your kids leave wanting to grow a garden at home.  ;)

 I have a few other ideas in mind, but the planning and preparation for "le potager" is quite intense, so the others are on the back burner for now.

*Keep in mind- Steamtown Train Station Sessions can be booked almost year round, when I'm in NEPA!

I hope this answers all of your questions about Limited Edition Styled Sessions, but if you've got a few more, leave us a comment below!