Thursday, February 28, 2013

2nd Birthday Bakeshoppe Shoot!

A "client" since she was in her mama's belly, I consider this little cutie to be pretty special.  So, when her mom and I decided to do her baking themed photoshoot in our kitchen, it was a pleasure to go the extra mile and spruce the place up, a bit!  *See future post for before & after shots of the kitchen. 

A little paint and a new backsplash weren't quite enough though.  No!  This shoot needed some collaboration from a few more lovely ladies.

Firsts, Janine, (aka the mommy) is co-owner (along with Nicole Emiliani) of the event planning and design company, "Cole Nine Design".  While getting over the flu, she managed to put together the cupcake-liner-banner,  the cupcake-liner number "2", the recipe box, and embellished the chef's hat with a cupcake-liner-flower.   Oh and did I mention that Janine is pregnant, too?  That's one impressive mama!

Next, we enlisted the help of Danielle, from Lemon Daisy Boutique, who created a custom made apron and bloomers for the birthday girl.  So cute!!

And last but certainly not least, we asked Millie, from Outside the Cake Box to join in the fun and create some specialty cupcakes and mini cakes.  If only you could taste them!!!!  Wowza!!!!!!

Enjoy the vintage inspired goodness!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Natalie!!!! 

*Special thanks to Aunt Laura for the vintage mixer loan, to Amber, for the rolling pins, and especially to my husband, Fred, who worked non-stop for 3 days, to whip our kitchen into shape!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fiddle Lake Farm {Love Letters} The Dance Scene Finale!

For an uber romantic finale, we (Pam & Elizabeth, thank you, ladies!) embellished the dance floor with copies of the original love letters.  ahhh... melt my heart!
I'm not gonna lie.  This was a friendship testing scene.  "Noooo... your ponytail isn't going to catch on fire."  "Quick!  Move that candle!" 
And what's a dance floor without a little dance off?!
"The Dunn Dancers"  (Mamie's family)
VS "The Wells Whirlers" (Johnie's family)  Signs from Write Away For You!
Sister Act!
I love these two!!!
What better way to end the shoot, than with an improv moment, from Piper (Pappy & Tomlynn's daughter) and her cousin, recreating the couple's pose!  I love it!!!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

real life. your life. {Baltimore!}

As promised!  One of the cutest boys you'll ever lay eyes on!!  With an added bonus of beautiful parents and pups, too!!

 Have you had your photography time capsule made yet? 

Kim Winey Photography {real life. your life.}