Saturday, February 21, 2015

Proudoir™ Sessions by Kim Winey Photography

A special shoot for wedded women! 

Ladies, do you wish you could have drop dead gorgeous photos of yourself, but you're not completely comfortable with the idea of a boudoir shoot?  Maybe you're conservative?  Have a few stretchmarks?  Or simply prefer "shirts" vs "skins"?   ;-)

I am now offering an alternative.

Introducing Proudoir™ sessions. 

Because your beauty shows, even through your clothes.

Your portfolio will include a variety of photos.  Some will showcase your confidence, some your sweet side, all will show your beauty, and a few will be va-va-voomy enough to make your parents feel uncomfortable, but not scar them for life if they should happen to see them.  ;-)

*Your husband will LOVE these images!*

Here is one Proudoirdian's™ story of showing her photos to her hubby ~

"I gave 'J' the pictures last night (letting him pick which ones he would want printed) and as I was pulling them up on the computer he just kept saying, "Uhhh what is happening? We're doing presents this year?! What are you showing me? What's happening!" Once I explained and he looked through them, he said this was his favorite gift ever!!!"


Every day clothes, glamorous gowns, sassy shorts, etc... are all welcome. This is a lingerie free shoot. Contours and curves will be covered, but definitely not ignored! Every shape and size is a good fit for this session.

For months, I have been learning new methods for posing & lighting women's bodies and faces in the most flattering ways. And I am so excited to use these new skills for our Proudoir™ sessions.  As usual, I will not be Photoshopping you into an unrealistic version of yourself. I will simply pull out your EXISTING beauty.

Proudoir™ sessions can take place in your home, a cabin, at Maggpie Rentals, or a bed and breakfast even! 

Prices vary according to location and props that are needed for each session. 

Hair stylists and make up artists are available upon request.  Additional fees apply.

Proudoir™ Parties are also available!

Our first day of "Cozy Cabin" Proudoir™ sessions will be on Friday, March 6th, at Spring Hills Farm, in Dalton, Pa.  *Sitting fee: $300

Our first day of "Maggpie Rentals" Proudoir™ sessions will be on Wednesday, April 15th, at Maggpie Rentals, in Philadelphia, Pa. *Sitting fee: $350

*Prints and digital images sold separately.

Call 717-689-3277 or email for more information or to reserve your Proudoir™ session!  Spaces are limited!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

14 Days of Sweethearts {Maggpie Rentals}

A few weeks ago, Lori WildflowersbyDesign, Jasmine Clouser of The Couture Cakery, Allison Winey (niece and intern extraordinaire) and I headed to Maggpie Vintage Rentals, in Philly, to participate in their "14 Days of Sweethearts" contest.
For the first 14 days of February, Maggie Farrell has been sharing one team's sweetheart table and today is our team's day!

To view the picstich on Maggie's Instagram, check out-

To view the blog with loads of photos and details, check out the link below! (totally worth the click!!)…/

If you are a bride, event planner, or venue, I cannot recommend these talented ladies enough! Lori Witmer and Jasmine Clouser are class acts with impeccable taste.

Additional contributors
Linens: Special Occasions  (
Stationery and pillow: Persnickety Invitation Studio @persnicketyinc   (
Silk scarf: Silk & Willow @silkandwillow   (
Macarons: Rice and Noodles @riceandnoodlesrestaurant    (


If you are not already on Instagram, please head on over and create an account, to help us out! On February 15th and 16th voting for the tables takes place! More voting details will come on the 15th! Thanks so much!