Saturday, July 16, 2016

Family Reunions and "Saturday's Selections!"

Family Reunions and "Saturday's Selections!"

Good morning!

Today, we are having another family reunion. (Woohoo!) This time, it's with my dad's (step-dad, Jack's) side of the family. We even have some of our favorite Texans with us!

One of my favorite things about reunions is watching the different generations and seeing the similarities among them. The laughs (aka snorts), the body language, the story telling manners... Even though they weren't all raised together, there are family traits that are STRONG among them and there is no denying who is related!


Saturday's Selections!

Editing styles change throughout the years.

Sometimes they change with the trends. And sometimes they change simply because I get bored with a look that I've used for a while.

On the left~ my former favorite b&w edit- sort of an old newspaper-like look.
On the right~ my newer b&w edit of choice- more clean and contrasty.

I still like both!

Which do you prefer?