Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Downtown Lancaster Family Shoot!

There are some families that you just click with (pun intended).

This would be one of them.  :)

The last few shoots were in the country, so we thought we would mix things up and head into Lancaster City.

The photos pop, due to some GREAT clothing choices, by the mama.  Greens and oranges- perfect!!  I love me some color, in the city!

The style of our session was very laid back.  I had a few key spots in mind, but in between those spots, we stopped and snapped, when inspiration struck!  Then to put the icing on the cake, we ended at a charming cafe, for some snacks and beverages.  Now, that's MY kind of photo shoot!

Call me crazy, but I love this shot.

The kids love their nanny!

My "shadow selfie" shot, where I look more like Gru, than a lady.  haha

Chestnut Hill Cafe.  Check em out on Facebook, too!

Ahh!  I SO adore her face!!

A very special happy birthday, to this little one!  <3

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