Monday, May 4, 2015

Before the Earth Awakes ~ A Kim Winey Fine Art Photo Session

Sometime last year, I got the strong desire to do a fine art session in which I featured the monochromatic color scheme and textures that occur just before spring pushes out the green buds and colorful blossoms.

Colors like cinnamon, nutmeg, french vanilla, with touches of peach and wine subtly blend to create a dreamy, cohesive backdrop for the opened eyes. 

Add to that the textures. Oh the textures of spring, before it awakes! Dried flowers, wispy weeds, unbending branches! I am in awe!

This session was a personal project to fulfill some creative desires and experiment with fine art photography, but it's also a gentle nudge to encourage you to truly see the beauty that God gives us, during this time of year. 

We should not be so eager to wish away these moody days and brown backdrops, as there truly is much to behold Before the Earth Awakes.

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