Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"le potager" ~ The transformation begins

It's styled-shoot planning time and I am sooo excited about one theme in particular.

"le potager" ~ The Kitchen Garden

Over the next few months, my interns and I will be turning our raised beds and yarden nook into an ornamental and edible garden area, inspired by French gardens of yesteryear.

Since this will be a rather dramatic and lengthy time of preparation, I'll be sharing the behind the scenes transformation of this space as it progresses.

As with all of my styled shoots, the planning begins in my head, and on Pinterest.

Follow along here, to see the inspiration pins that are making me reeeally long for the yardening season to arrive!

The four raised beds will be one of our focal points.

Edible flowers, ornamental veggies, and herbs will be arranged in an attractive manner to make this a functional, but beautiful yarden space.

I'm praying for the strength and materials to finally take out this ugly path. What a difference that will make!

New door? New siding? Or just some creative painting? hmmm...

Our rescued arch needs some attention again.

The start of our hugelkultur bed.

I'm not quite sure where we'll move it to, since I need this frame for le potager... think. think.

The nook.

One man's dark corner is another woman's prized location.

Leftovers from last fall and "la boutique de jardin"... the inspiration for "la potager".

Oh my heart.

And then the question becomes-

Do my clients trust me enough to believe that this sad space will soon become a one-of-a-kind, photo-worthy place of beauty??

Kinda makes me want to give a bonus to those who book their sessions BEFORE they see it all transform. Like a "believer's bonus".  ;-)

Too book a spring, summer or early fall "le potager" session call 717-689-3277 or email

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