Thursday, April 4, 2013

Grow, Ye Yellow Headed Demons! Grow!!

I am far from "crunchy".  {Pay no attention to the quinoa simmering on my stove.}

However, you cannot deny the slippery slope of my all-natural-ascension, as I am longing for our yard's dandelions to grow. 


Enter, if you will, the glorious book: "Unleashing Your Inner Wild" {totally un-crunchy}, chapter 3, page 203.    

Roasted Dandelion Root "Coffee"


That's right.  Roasted Dandelion Root "Coffee".


Skeptical.  Skeptical.  Intrigued!!

Here's a blog post that explains the process.

And to read more about the health benefits of Dandelion Root Coffee, visit here

The very next day, my gardening mentor, Susan, posted this curious blog link.

And did I mention that just Tuesday, I saw multiple vendors selling dandelion leaves, at the farmer's market?

And so it is, for the first time in my adult life, I am actually looking FORWARD to those beautiful, yellow headed demons... er.... delights taking over our yard!

How about you?  Any experience with eating weeds?  {hippie brownies don't count}

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