Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Kim Winey Bootcamp Potluck Wrap-up!! {Saturday, May 18th}

What happens when you get together with multiple, fun, talented & friendly women, to learn about photography?

You want to do it all over again!

After the very first Bootcamp, I realized that we had not just discussed photography, we had started friendships and made great connections with other creatives!

It was a beautiful thing!

SO!  To continue the fun and further develop our skills, we will be having a Kim Winey Photography Bootcamp, Potluck-Wrap-up, on May 18th!

This event is open to anyone who has attended a Bootcamp (on any date, including May 18th).

We will meet at Hull's Spring Hills Farm, at 4:30pm.

This event is FREE!  Please bring a dish to share.  I will provide drinks, dishes, utensils, etc...

Dinner will be at 4:45ish.  After, we will talk about our photographic journeys, progress, questions, etc... From there we will have another time of walking, challenges and picture-taking-time.  Weather permitting, we may go to Lackawanna State Park (a few miles down the road).

Please RSVP by Wednesday, May 15th- kimwineyphotography@gmail.com.

Can't wait to see you all!!!!

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