Sunday, September 22, 2013

"I have this idea..." Meet Maggie B. My live-in-tern.

Just over three years ago, while teaching at the Lamplighter Guild, one brave student asked if I had some time to critique her photos. 

Blessed with a natural eye, sweet spirit and that cool artsy vibe that typically only exists in Wes Anderson films, she intrigued me instantly.  

We remained in touch, via Facebook and an occasional phone call.   I offered advice and critiques now and then, but our busy lives prevented us from diving into mentoring hard core.

One day, she sent me a message that said:

"I have this idea and it's called, I will live with you and follow you everywhere you go for a month. And in exchange, I will cook my delicious food for you everyday - and you will have a chocolate pie every night... and morning."

Photo and pie by Maggie B.

And thus began the plans for Maggie to come and be my "live-in-tern".

She flew in from Colorado, late Wednesday night  and will be living in our upstairs apartment, till October 9th.  The funny part about this whole thing is that we both feel like we've won the lottery.

I get a companion, cook {she's currently making eggplant soup & rosemary cornbread!}, yarden worker, bag carrier, coffee heater-upper, grass remover {see photo below}, etc... etc... and of course, she's my all around photographer's assistant.  Yessssssss...

Maggie's first photo shoot, with me.  hehe  {Yoga-shoot}

Cornbread.  mmm...

Meanwhile, she is happy to learn as much photography information that we can pack into her brain, as well as the general gist of "How to be Kim Winey" which may or may not be more than she bargained for. 

Watching a soccer game, while holding an inch worm, because inch worms are awesome.

Thus far, it's been amazing, and from my perspective- completely seamless.  She fits right in, here!  In fact, during a game of Dominion last night, she felt so comfortable that she mocked/made fun of me, after I informed her of my attack card.  I died laughing, then simultaneously fired her and welcomed her to the family.

Clients who are fortunate enough to be scheduled during the next few weeks will get to meet her.  {Yay!}  And the rest of you, can feel free to friend her on Facebook and send her encouraging/"Welcome to Pennsylvania!" messages, if you'd like!  She's kind of great.

We heart Maggie.  <3


  1. As someone who "taught" Maggie during her homeschooling years, in reality she equally taught me so much on a daily basis, and had the privilege to be her friend in Northern Kentucky; I wanted to thank you for such a lovely, beautiful post that captures the essence of Maggie! I am so excited for her as she embarks on this new adventure...and excited for YOU that you will get to spend such amazing quality time with this precious soul. Love you Maggie B!

    Heather Patterson

  2. LOVED meeting Maggie during our coffee break this week! SO FUN!!!!