Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sometimes, I miss things during shoots.

It was a great shoot!

Cute kids.
Good lighting.

But in the end, the mom and I both felt like we'd missed something...

each other!  


With our mutual friend, Danielle Lee, as our connection we had both been looking forward to meeting each other.  However, with 3 wee ones to photograph, there wasn't much time for mom/photog chatting.

You know what this means, Danielle...

A multi family get away!!  Start the planning!!!


  1. YOU GOT IT! xoxoxoxo -Danielle

  2. I am the mom of these little chickens. I have to share that Kim is the ultimate professional. Equal parts sharp and lovely. If you are having photos of your children/family done, just trust what she says and the results will be nothing short of amazing! The photo shoot of my children was an experience that I will never forget. It was FUN and stress free! With three little girls...ages 5, 3, and 1, it is only in the past few months that I started to feel "normalcy" in our house again. Insofar as sleep is deep again, baby proofing everything (yet again) is done to the best of our abilities, everyone is facing forward in the mini van and singing along to classic rock get it. The best part about these pictures is that each of their personalities were captured perfectly as was the essence of this beautiful moment in time for my family. My eyes and heart swelled at first look! Now to say a bit about the clothes provided by Lemon Daisy Boutique...Lemon Daisy's creator, Danielle Lee, designs and makes the most gorgeous clothes for children that you ever did see! She has "that eye" and knows exactly what is going to work. Her fabrics are stunning and her attention to detail goes beyond anything you could dream of. I am full of gratitude tonight!!! Now let's plan that get together;)