Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Capturing the Camera Lover! A "Class-y Party"

If you're like me and you love taking pictures, you're probably also like me... and you're hardly ever IN pictures.

This can be sort of depressing especially after a vacation, when you're looking through albums and realize that you're not in one. single. photo.   Or after the holidays you glance through your digitals and ohmywordithappenedagain... you are nowhere to be found.

It's difficult to explain how truly bad this feels, unless you've experienced it.  But in short, when you look at these collections of photos and you're not in any of them, it's almost like you weren't there.  There is no tangible record of your existence in those moments. 

And it's just sad.

Now that we're all depressed, let's talk about a possible solution I've been working on.

I'm calling it the "Class-y Party - Capturing the camera lover."  

On Sunday, February 14th, in Dalton, Pa, we will have a fun, low key, and informative class + party. You do not have to come with a spouse. Boyfriends, mothers, sisters, etc... can be your other half. The idea is to bring the person who would be most likely to capture you in photos, during this phase of your life.

For our class time, I've put together a list of fun and EASY ideas for both you and your special someone to help get you, the camera-lover, into more photos.   This is a non-techy class.  All skill levels are welcome!

The investment for the class-y party will be: $35 per "couple". OR $25 per couple, if you bring an appetizer or dessert to share.

The fun will begin at 6:30pm, and end at about 9:00pm. The attire is attractively casual.  The location is a rustic cabin.  The class portion of our evening will be held early on, followed by much mingling, eating, and putting our new skills into practice.
Please RSVP, as we are limited in space.

You can private message me on Facebook, email ( or call (717-689-3277) to secure your spots!

Also, this class has been put to the real-life test!  My hubby helped with the creation of the class and by following the suggestions in it we have greatly increased the number of photos that I am in. Now we have proof that I went on vacation, attended family gatherings and existed in general.  Thank you, Fred & also to our son, Cman who picks up the camera duties now and then, as well.  I love you both and I'm very happy to have photographic evidence of that love!


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