Saturday, January 2, 2016

The 2016 Kim Winey Photography Winter Bootcamps Begin!

Happy New Year, All!

Thanks to "Santa" this time of year was especially exciting for some of you as you received a new camera for Christmas!

Woohoo and congratulations!!!

I can picture you with a smile on your face and intense joy in your heart, as you hold your new *baby* and imagine all the beautiful moments you'll capture.  Until it hits you...

"I have no idea how to use this thing!"

*Former student and live-in-tern, Chloe B. 

I have felt your frustration.  

For years, I struggled with blurry, dark, and unpredictable photos while shooting in auto and program mode.  Once I mastered manual settings, I found photography so much more enjoyable as I was able to produce artistic, properly exposed photos on a consistent basis.

On Sunday, January 10th, in Dalton, Pa I will be hosting the first Kim Winey Photography Bootcamp of 2016. 

To give everyone even more options, I am breaking my "Manual Settings Simplified" class into two segments.  I highly, highly recommend that you opt for both sessions, but if shortness of time or shortness of funds is a factor, you now have the option of fast-tracking and attending session 1 only if that suits you.

Session 1 ~ $150  {1:00pm - 2:30pm}

Manual Settings - Super Simplified!

Join me for a non-intimidating time of learning how to adjust your camera's settings to create consistent, properly exposed photos.  Visual aids & inspiring images will be used to explain the three parts of the exposure triangle ~ ISO, aperture and shutter speed. 

During session 1 a small amount of time will be given to change the settings on your own camera & observe the results of those changes.  If time permits we will also have Q & A at the end of session 1.

*You may opt to take just session 1 on January 10th and come back for session 2 on a future Bootcamp day.  Dates to be announced.*

Session 2  ~ $150 {2:45-4:15pm}

Manual Settings - Super Simplified Part 2!

Now that the basics of the exposure triangle have been covered we will touch on a few more important camera details, then jump right into additional hands-on practice time to more fully explore and understand how shooting in manual mode works.

Sessions 1 & 2 combined in one day ~ $250  *A $50 savings*  {1:00pm - 4:15pm}

By taking the full Manual Settings class you will be given both the knowledge needed to shoot in manual mode, as well as ample time to start honing your skills.  Once the presentation portion of our class is complete, we will move around the property practicing the hows and whys of adjusting our camera's settings.  The full class will also allow us more time to cover specific questions you may have about your photography skills.

To secure your seat and sign up for our first Bootcamp of the year please email or call 717-689-3277.  *Paypal is available on the right side of this blog and is ready to receive your Bootcamp payment.

All Bootcamp students will also be added to our private Facebook group where additional support and information is given throughout the year.

And new in 2016- all former Manual Settings Simplified students are welcome to join the class again, in a "silent seat".  This option is complimentary and is available for any former students who have been a little too busy to practice their camera skills and would like a refresher course.  Please email Kim to reserve your seat, as spaces are limited.


General Bootcamp Q & A~

Q: Should I bring a camera and if so, what kind?

A: Yes, please bring your digital camera!  Part of getting a good grasp on Manual Settings is learning where the dials and buttons are on YOUR particular camera.  You can bring a point and shoot or a DSLR, so long as there is a Manual Mode option.  It will appear as an "M", on your mode dial.  If you are unsure about your particular camera, please feel free to give me a call and we'll figure it out, together!  {717-689-3277}

Q: How should I prepare my camera?

A: You should have your battery fully charged, with a back up on hand, if possible.  Please bring a memory card or two, with LOTS of space to take pictures.  *If you can empty your card before the class, that would be fabulous!  Also, mental preparedness is key to any new adventure.  Please take a moment to warn your auto-setting that you will no longer be needing its services.

Q: Do I need to bring anything else?

A: Yes.  Please bring your camera's manual. You know... the little book that came with your camera, that you glanced at, got overwhelmed with and so now you're taking my class to decipher it.  Yes... that's the one.  For bonus points, mark the sections that explain how to change your ISO, aperture & shutter speed.  This may save us a lot of time, in class.  If, like me, you threw out your English version and only retained the Spanish copy, you can a) download the info from the internet or b) don't worry about it and we'll figure it out, in class. 

Q: What should I wear and are boots required?

A: Dress comfortably!  I myself, will be wearing my work clothes.  No, not my striped, pink PJ's, though that is tempting...  jeans and a nice top.  Boots are recommended, as we will be in the country and the ground gets mushy, but they are not required.

Q: Will there be drinks or snacks at the Bootcamp?

A: I can't really go more than 2 hours without food, so yes.  For sure.  Yes.  Hot coffee & tea, a cold beverage, plus fruit and chocolate will all be provided, at the very least.   :)

Additional questions may be left in the comments, below!

Looking forward to another great year of knowledge sharing and growth for our photo-loving community!


Kim Winey aka Miss Kimmi

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