Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Confection Covered Equines

Growing up, my parents had horses, donkeys, and miniature Shetland ponies (among other creatures).  We rode some and showed some but mostly, the horses enjoyed a leisurely life of milling around the pastures, finding the best patches of grass to nibble on.

The ponies, however, served a greater cause.

Raised on our property and given to children with special needs, the miniature Shetlands (and my parents) were part of "Personal Ponies"

With only two old characters left, the physical link to that part of our lives is fading.  But I imagine the many relatives that were given are still bringing much, much happiness to some very special children. 

Here they are, in all their shabby-chic, wintry glory.

Baby Cakes, Shamica, Lady & Charlynn
(from left to right)
Charlynn, with Lady peaking from behind.
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Mr. Jay.  Just about the cutest thing you'll see.  Ever.