Friday, February 1, 2013

real life. your life.

*We'll get back to the Fiddle Lake Farm series, next week!  There are a few special people {and animals!} who deserve a little blog time!

my eye.

my gear.

your home.

your kids.

their clothes.

their fun.

real life.

your life.

*Dust, clutter, tears, nose picking, "bomb dropping", food, animals, tender moments- all welcome.
This was the view that greeted me, upon arrival.  hah!  Then his mom & I had the pleasure of being locked out for about a minute!  We were off to a GREAT start, in my book!  Bring on the personality!!
I've been around a lot of toddlers.  This one may be the winner for the most energy and the most to say!  It was awesome!!
hehe  Favorite pass time?  Brushing his teeth!
I'm always happy to hear that there is an animal in the home.  It adds another layer of sentiment and memory catching!
The mommy and son relationship... there are few things that are more precious!
Another favorite!  Turning on the water, in the tub!  *Love the hands on the hips!
Is there any doubt about this kiddos personality, energy and loves?  So adorable!!

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 *real life. your life. sessions are limited to the months of November through May only.


  1. Oh my, this is fantastic! I felt like I was watching a day in the life of my Finn, lol. These are wonderful.