Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fiddle Lake Farm {Love Letters} The Dance Scene Finale!

For an uber romantic finale, we (Pam & Elizabeth, thank you, ladies!) embellished the dance floor with copies of the original love letters.  ahhh... melt my heart!
I'm not gonna lie.  This was a friendship testing scene.  "Noooo... your ponytail isn't going to catch on fire."  "Quick!  Move that candle!" 
And what's a dance floor without a little dance off?!
"The Dunn Dancers"  (Mamie's family)
VS "The Wells Whirlers" (Johnie's family)  Signs from Write Away For You!
Sister Act!
I love these two!!!
What better way to end the shoot, than with an improv moment, from Piper (Pappy & Tomlynn's daughter) and her cousin, recreating the couple's pose!  I love it!!!

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