Monday, February 11, 2013

Fiddle Lake Farm {Love Letters} The Cake Scene!

Why oh why hasn't the internet advanced enough to include TASTE into a reader's experience??

You'll just need to take my word for it,  "Frosted" cakes are divine!!!!  Or better yet, call. order. eat. and join me in the collaborative "mmmMMMmmmm" that will surely come from your overly-happy mouth!

The scene: set up near the tablescape, this apple tree & FLF's antique buffet were the perfect combination for Julie's cakes & Lori's flowers.
A closer look is needed to truly appreciate all of the detail, in this beauty.
Phrases from Mamie & Johnie's original love letters were hand written onto the cake, by Julie.  Have you ever seen a more sentimental edible?
An abundance of flowers cascading out of the buffet drawer.  Yes, please!!
Ahhh... so lovely! 
Candles without hurricanes, outside, just after Tropical Storm Lee blows through... mmhmm... not tricky at all!
Does it get much more romantic?

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  1. I've been waiting to see Julie's cake--it is just beautiful, my talented friend!

  2. GORGEOUS CAKE!!! -Mike (i do actually read these)

  3. Thanks for the taste endorsement and for taking the beautiful pictures of the cake, Kim! :)