Thursday, December 27, 2012

{ialsolovechocolate} Christmas Break- A thing of the past!

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

With seven celebrations in nine days, our family... OK I, was poised for a stressful time of year.   Thankfully, an insightful radio show helped me put things into perspective, before the craziness began.

A simple change of words has given me a renewed spirit.  Instead of calling it a "Christmas Break", which conjures up images of rest and relaxation, I'm thinking of it as the "Christmas Visiting Season"

oooOOOOOoooh...  Why didn't I think of this years ago?? 

Now I'm excited about prepping for parties and seeing people that I don't get-together with, often enough!  Rest and relaxation may happen here and there, but this year, the emphasis is on the people we will get to see.  And I'm hoping that this will be enough to make the crazy... feel crazy good.  :)

Ask me next week, if it worked!  haha


And now a bonus sing along song!

We heard this for the first time, on Christmas Day.  It was a really interesting to think of the birth of Jesus, from Joseph's perspective.   Enjoy!

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