Saturday, December 15, 2012

{ialsolovechocolate} Saturday Sing Along Songs, the Christmas Playlist!

One of my favorite repeat themes on the old "ialsolovechocolate" blog was Saturday Sing Along Songs.

Typically, I would add one song, per week and accumulate a nice little selection of tunes, by the end of the year.  But since we're really close to Christmas (aahhh!!!) and I want to post a collection songs, I'm adding a link to a pre-filled,  playlist.

Click here to hear some our family's favorite Christmas songs.

Sadly, is missing some KEY songs.

If you like "outside of the box" or unique songs, I strongly, strongly urge you to also give a listen to the following favorites!!

For Seabird fans (Don't you know you're beautiful) -

 Seabird- Joy to the World  (exactly 1:07 seconds into the song is joy to my ears!)  You'll need to buy it to hear it all, as I can't locate it on the internet, anywhere.  :(  Be warned- this is not your mama's "Joy to the World".

Priscilla Ahn (creator of the song "Dream", that plays on my pro site) gives a beautifully, haunting rendition of Silent Night.

Straight No Chasers (male vocals, tight harmonies, exquisitely executed), Christmas Can Can-  (Cman's Favorite)-

Jazz fans, check out Harry Connick Jr's Frosty the Snowman-

I'm still not sure if this is officially a Christmas song or not, but I first heard it on a Christmas disc, so ...?  Oh Happy Day, by The Edwin Hawkins Singers-

*Note to my family members- this is a "must have" for my future funeral.  In fact, I think having it blasted at the grave site, as the casket is carried to the hole, so people can sway & clap without intimidation, while they walk to the site... yes... that seems appropriate.  I'm. not. kidding.*

And the most sweet and sassy version of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, you'll ever hear comes from Jewel:

What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?  And what should we add to our playlist, for next week?!


  1. ooh, I love Straight no Chaser, too! so fun!!

    My favorite carol was/is Little Drummer Boy. I decided this year that it is because it is the ONE time this good little Baptist girl could justify drums! :)

    and I loved your playlists!! I used to open your blog and just leave it in the background so it would keep playing!!

    1. Awe, that makes me feel good!!! It's funny, over the last few years, I've often thought- "Oh, how I want to share this particular song with people!", but I didn't have the right outlet, ya know?

      Your "good little Baptist girl" comment is hilarious! Good thing I attend a Mennonite church now. Drums, without guilt!!! ;)