Thursday, December 13, 2012

{ialsolovechocolate} An impassioned Plea- "Love Your Teachers"

*For the tweet-generation & my ADHD friends, feel free to skip the text & scroll to the end section for the {bottom line}/short version.


I am passionate, aka, I "love" many things.

I can't tell you all of the things or why I love so many right now, because then you'd have no reason to come back.  And since I don't want to be the sad lady who blogs to no one, I will hold you in suspense, to secure my future readership.

The one that I WILL talk about today is, you guessed it- teaching & teachers! 

In the last few years, I've found a renewed passion for teaching.  It started when I taught Sunday School for Cman's pre-K class & insisted on moving up, to stay with my kids for the next 4 years. hah!  It took a back seat for a while and then bubbled up again to a full tilt passion, as I currently teach an elective at the Lamplighter Guild each summer, and am a photography mentor to several talented ladies.  **Stay tuned for some more Kim Winey Photography teaching plans.**

I also happen to be married to a teacher, and am a sister, daughter, niece & friend to a few retired and many presently teaching teachers.

So yes, teaching is pretty personal to me!

But I imagine, that even if you don't have teaching in your blood or family, you too have a love of teaching, in the form of your teachers.  Raise your hand, if you remember your favorite grade school teacher.  mmhmm  You couldn't forget them, if you tried!  And now, maybe you have childlike creatures of your own who are surrounded by help-giving, life-skill-infusing, heart-touching teachers!  Or maybe you're a home-school teacher, working with your own children.    The point is- we have all been impacted by teachers.  None of us would be where we are today, without them. And they deserve WAY more love & respect than they are usually given. 

{And so, my impassioned plea today, is to give generously, to the teachers in your life, this Christmas Season.  Tell them how much they are appreciated.  Bless them with uplifting words.  And if you're able, maybe even surprise them with monetary or tangible gifts.  They deserve all that we can give, and more.}  


Do you know that mugs are a no-no, but don't know-know what would make a nice, surprise gift?  Check out these links for inspiration!

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 *If you would like to see what one special teacher has been doing in our kids lives, join Summit Christian Academy at Heritage Baptist Church, tonight for their annual Christmas Concert!  7pm- come early to secure your seat!  There will be an opportunity to give to our teachers, during the concert, which is the reason this topic is on my heart, today.   :)


  1. As a public school teacher, this post REALLY warmed my heart, Kim! Though many of us teachers realize that our biggest reward is the very experience of teaching in itself, it is always so nice to receive some recognition. Thank you for making me feel appreciated today!

    1. Awe, I'm so glad!! My brother taught in Thailand & told me that teachers there are of the same social status as doctors. I would be so happy if it was the same here! One can dream!

  2. What a great post... and goes well with what Julie shared at the concert!! delighted to be a part of the SCA family!