Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The Kim Winey Blog is finally here!

There are still a few kinks to be worked out, so please bear with me, as changes may appear from time to time!

"So, what's this with the ialsolovechocolate?" you may be asking.  Well, up until about 3 1/2 years ago, I blogged semi-regularly, on my semi-private blog titled "ialsolovechocolate".   *Hence the sentence "I also love chocolate" in the "about me" section of my site- www.kimwineyphoto.com.   See how I worked that in there.  ;)

When Fred and I married, I slowed down and then stopped blogging, in part because he wasn't sure how comfortable he was with being featured on a blog and well, I needed some time to get settled into our new routine. 

Now, here we are, the routine is established  and it's actually Fred's prompting that is inspiring me to blog again.  Woohoo!

When you visit the blog, regular posts will showcase my Kim Winey Photography portraits.  But I know me and quite frankly, the thought of blogging ONLY about Kim Winey Photography and posting Kim Winey photos isn't enough.  There is SO much more to life than photography, including of course mmmmmmmm.... chocolate.    

And so, blog posts that are about life, new recipes, fabulous music, travel, our healthy living journey, etc... will be labeled "ialsolovechocolate".   All other posts will be from Kim Winey aka Kim Winey Photography.

Thank you for joining me!  I can't wait to meet you!

-Your chocolate, photography & life-loving friend- Kim Winey


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    1. Thanks, Allen! It feels good to be back!

  2. Congrats on this exciting new project, my friend! Can't wait to follow along post by post!

  3. finally catching up on your new blog tonight! :) It makes me all kinds of happy, especially the ialsolovechocolate posts!! and I am always delighted to drool over your pictures! :)

    1. lol Glad to bring some more happiness, into your life!! Thanks for the support!

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