Friday, March 15, 2013

13 Letters About One Thing. {ialsolovechocolate}

Long before Cman's 13th birthday, a like-minded cousin told me about a scrapbook that she had seen, in her Creative Memories circles.

The book was a birthday present, made for a boy, that contained personal letters to him, written from the nine men whom he respected most.  (The number of letters corresponded with the age of the boy.)

How much did I love this idea?! 

Sometimes, my kiddo seems to listens to the words that come forth from my chocolate scented mouth.  But how much MORE wisdom could he gain, with a book of letters, from the 13 men whom he respected most??

Now to get the list from him!

Thankfully, a few months before his birthday, we began taking some interesting walks together.  Somehow or other, they became- "Ask me anything" walks.  I was given permission to ask anything that I wanted to (???) which gave me the perfect opportunity to ask "Who are the 13 men you respect the most...?"

It took him a little while, but by the end of the walk, he had finalized his list and named the 13+ WOMEN whom he respected most, as well!


I contacted the men on the list and asked if they would be willing to contribute to the book.  

I left the topics and format open ended, but suggested that they write encouraging, inspiring, words of wisdom, that Cman would be reading, for years to come.

100% of the men said "yes".  

The variety of letters was fantastic.

Some wrote advice and special Bible verses.

Some were vulnerable and wrote of their difficult pasts.

One wrote a poem.

And many made the letters personal, commenting on Cman's  strengths and weaknesses.

It was a beautiful collaboration.

Cman is now approaching 14.

Any guesses what he'll be getting?


  1. Oh my, what a fantastic gift!! As the mama of an almost 15 year old boy, I know how meaningful older male mentors are. He will cherish it forever, I'm sure. Good job, mom!!

    1. Thank you, Shannon! Work on the next one (from the 14 women he respects most) has begun!! There are already some tear-jerker letters in the mix!