Friday, March 22, 2013

Learning and Yearning {food!}

Shortly after I decided to dabble in food photography, I was contacted by Susan V, of Learning and Yearning.  (Some of you may recognize her as my gardening mentor!)  She wanted to chat about, of all things... a food photo that she had taken. 

Woah!  I thought.  This is certainly a God-coordinated thing!

Not long after, I found myself in her cozy home, with the two of us laughing and winging our way through my first food photoshoot.  (Yes... first.  I'm just a wee bit behind, with posting the photos!!)

Food photography is quite a departure from my normal genre (people!) and I'm not sure that I could do it full time.  But it's been an interesting and sometimes challenging exploration, these last few months, to say the least!

Thank you to Susan and the other generous foodies who have given me the chance to play!  It's been a blast!!


  1. These are great, Kim! I almost forgot about them!

    1. Oh good! I was worried that you'd be unhappy with how long it took me to post these!!