Friday, March 22, 2013

Cloe N Company!

Conversations struck up with the lovely Donna, from Cloe N Company, in Clarks Summit, lead to some fun, with food photography!

Granola gets fancy.
Chunk O Chocolate & Real Vanilla with Nuts Granola.  Yes, please!!
Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies! (Made with cacao chips.)
I am excited to tell you that they TASTE GOOD!!
Barn Chicks Brand Granola "Fruits N Berries" Limited Edition.  Get it while you can!
This one was extra fun.  Donna trusted me to bake something with her bread flour.  (No pressure!!)
Phew! It turned out well!
Recipe can be found in "The Weekend Homesteader A Twelve-Month Guide to Self-Sufficiency"
Tough job, this food photography thing. "Must take a bite, to make it look authentic!"

If you're in the Clarks Summit area, be sure to stop in at Cloe N Company- "A tiny brick and mortar shoppe located in a quaint little town ... An ecclectic place where you will come upon a beautiful selection of American made & locally handcrafted items ... A place where you may enjoy a cup of hand blended tea ... and perhaps meet your favorite local artist .... Come on in and sit a spell !!"

*410 S State Street, Clarks Summit, Pa 18411

And a special "Thank you!" to Donna, for letting me play with her yummlies!!


  1. Hey Sister !!!! You are truly blessed with a talent to convey a message beyond words ..... THANKS SO SO MUCH ..... Delicious Photos!!!!

    1. Thank you, Donna, aka Cloe!! These were a lot of fun!!

  2. Oh my... You are AMAZING! Look at these photos... I am so jealous of your talent as well as these photos. Please let me know if there are more things that you need from me to make a great work.


    EunJin from Newkirk Honey

  3. These are AMAZING. Donna! We are blessed as well that we were able to meet her and get an opportunity to be able to work with her. Oh this is just WOW.

    I am so jealous your talent as well as these pictures for Donna.

    Thanks for your work even before I get mine. but I am just so amazed by your work.

    Please let me know if you need more stuff from me.

    EunJin from Newkirk Honey

    1. Thank you!! Now that we have the jars photographed, I'm excited to get to some fun food shots, with your honey!!!!