Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Paula Deen's Chocolate Bread & The Beginning Of The End. *sniff sniff*

As previously mentioned, 

I am a sugaraholic.

I love sugar.  I crave sugar.  And Lord knows, I eat sugar.

Lots and lots of sugar.  Typically, in the form of chocolate, but icing spread on a spoon also works, in a pinch. 

Since for some reason God has blessed me with my mother's metabolism, and I can't see what my addiction is doing to my insides, I have done nothing to break sugar's hold on me.  Other than trying to set a better example for Cman, I've really had no motivation for cutting back.

Until recently.

Fred and I joined a group of fellow seekers-of-better-health and began learning about "The Daniel Plan"

Two meetings in, and I'm here to say that I am ready to give up my refined, white sugar. 

This is not going to be a sudden change.  No... I'm too cheap to throw out what's already in our cupboards and I need some time to say my goodbyes, anyway.  But as we use up the sugary items in our house, they are being replaced with healthier options.  Honey is now in my coffee.   And I'm going to be experimenting with other, more natural (and lower glycemic) options, for baking.

Aaaand while we're at it, we're also continuing to make the slow, but steady switch to organic foods.  (Perhaps a bit faster now.)

I've come to realize that education is a great motivation.  I can live with my head in the sugar bowl no more.  Now that I know even a little of what's going on in the food industry and our bodies, I am convinced that this is the right move.

Having said all of that... you must know that I am not going to be completely fanatical about this.  I want to eat and prepare healthier foods.  But life happens and I'm not going to sweat it, when we're traveling or short on time and hit the drive through.  And birthdays, holidays, parties, etc... you can betchyer britches, I'm falling off the wagon. 

Also, as is the case with the photos & post below, I have done a few food shoots that may or may not fall into  the "healthy" category.  But I'm going to share them anyway!  Feel free to "clean up" some of the recipes, let me know how you liked them and what you'd recommend for changes.  (Pretty please and thank you!)  And I'll make updates, when I do the same.

For tonight's naughty food, we can thank Ms Paula Deen.

Chocolate Bread  *Best made with Wilbur Cocoa.

It's like a brownie and a loaf of bread had babies. mmmm...

 For the original recipe, visit here.

Do you have a "naughty to nice" recipe that you'd like to share?  Don't be shy now!

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