Friday, March 1, 2013

What the FORK Truck!

In case you missed the news!!!

I will be visiting the What the FORK Truck, at Spruce & N. Washington (Scranton), today!!

Food photography goes to a whole new level!!

I will be arriving at 10:30am, to snag some "behind the scenes" shots and will hang out till at least 12:30pm, for some hungry to happy people shots! 

Personally, I'm dying for some Truffle Fries.  What will YOU be having?! 

Sliders: Grain Fed Beef. Pepper Jack. #Baconjam. 7.
Veggie Burger: Black Bean Sliders. Avocado Mayo. 5.5
Tacos: Sriracha Slaw. Pulled Pork #Candysauce. 6.5
Lobster Fried Rice: Thai Spiced Soy. Fried Shallots. Pickled Peppers. 10.5
Crab Sliders: Lump Crab. Chipotle Aioli. 10
Po' Boy: Fried Shrimp. Peppered Mayo. Arugula. 9.25
Walking Taco: Sweet Maui Onion Chips. Mustard Grilled Flank Steak. Simple Salsa. Irish Whiskey Cheddar. 6.25
House Fry: Russet Burbank Potato. Pink Himalayan Salt. 3
Truffle Fries: White Truffle Oil. Shredded Parm. 5.5
Soup: Crab Corn Chowder. 5.5

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