Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fiddle Lake Farm {Love Letters} "The Last Love Letter"

Given her love of letter writing, we imagined the bride, Mamie, would have written one last, beautiful love letter, as a single woman.

"Dear Johnie, Our wedding day is finally here.  I hope we will be happy and I think we shall be..."
This shot is all about Tomlynn.  Let's be honest.  Beautiful, graceful, sweet, talented, and nice on top of it all.  No one could have played Mamie better!

Fiddle Lake Farm's Bed & Breakfast is a treasure trove of antiques.  Family heirlooms, rich with history, as well as some famous first owners {Mark Twain, anyone??) make it so interesting!   Visit the farm with extra time on hand, to hear all of the stories, that come with the displays and decorations.
Some phrases, pulled from Mamie's original letters, and put together by the multi-talented Julie.
Such a small thing... words on paper.  Everyone can do it.  But few can do it as beautifully as Lynda.  Calligraphy is a fine art that I hope to see much more of.  Write Away For You

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