Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fiddle Lake Farm {Love Letters} Behind the scenes.

While the tablescape received its "take two," the team was in high action, preparing the other scenes, as well as, our "Mamie & Johnie."

The talent in this team was immense!  Thank you, thank you, for giving me such beautiful elements to photograph!

Here are a few more behind the scenes shots! 

Pappy pulled double duty, as our "Johnie" and our extra muscles, for the tablescape.  The country boy in him couldn't help but stop for a minute to say hello to a special visitor.
Tomlynn, aka "Mamie"
Look at the detail, in the up-do!  Tiffany Rose Harris
Debra Ann Makeup Artist
Danielle Pasternak, Wedding Coordinator
Little Lady Accessories {headpiece & sash}
Makes me chuckle!!  Wildflowers by Design

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  1. ha ha - trying to pin that bout on was hysterical - skinny suspender strap with a really tall man next to a really short girl with a huge preggo belly! I just kept bumping into him...after 10 min of intense concentration, it finally worked!