Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fiddle Lake Farm {Love Letters} "The Table Scene"

Our Fiddle Lake Farm styled shoot was multi-purposed.

* To show how one might creatively incorporate love letters into the theme of their wedding.
* To pay homage to Johny & Mamie (the subjects of the love letters).
* To show some select scenes from Fiddle Lake Farm and how it might look as a wedding venue.
* And to bring together a collaborative team of artists & wedding vendors to showcase each person's craft, in a unique & beautiful way.

We began with the table scene.

Having cancelled the original date of the shoot (Tuesday, September 4th), due to the weather forecast, Lori Witmer (the fabulous florist) and I found ourselves at FLF, alone for the day.  (We both live 3 hours away, and were already there, when we decided to postpone the shoot for a day.)

Unfortunately, the weather man was incorrect and the all-day-rain that was predicted did. not. come.  ugh...

Lori and I decided to make use of the day and move forward with the tablescape, since we had most of the necessary items already there, and neither one of us does well with sitting around.  ;)

We took a quick trip to the local antique store, where we found a few more key pieces.  Then, back to the farm we went, to set up.

Now, I've set a table or two, in my day.  But let me tell you, I have never done a set-up with as much detail, as this.  My mind was rather blown.  Pam tackled the streamers in the trees.  Lori worked tirelessly (while 7 months preggers!) on the multiple flower arrangements and I arranged plates, utensils, letters, etc... It took hours.  But oh, it was fun!!!!  Finally, after Lori and I made the final tweaks "one inch to the left!" ... "OK, move that piece forward 2 inches" ... "straighten the back right candle!"... etc... etc...  I was ready to shoot.

And THAT'S when the rain came.


With the sun being diminished by clouds and soon to set, we dodged sprinkles and prayed for the paper items, as I quickly snapped some photos.  And then we packed it all up.

But, being perfectionists, Lori and I weren't satisfied.  We decided to RE-set the whole scene, early the next morning, so that I could photograph everything in better light and make sure that we had it all covered.

I'm so glad we did. 

The old apple orchard.  I need to have a picnic here.  It's just beautiful.
Notice the stamp's date?  1904!

Bride & Groom chair signs with direct quotes from the letters.  "Dear Friend Johnie" & "Your Friend Mamie"  Calligraphy by "Write Away For You"
Feathery flowers.  ahhh...
Glasses, plates, silverware, coasters, lace, mix-metal pieces, chairs and of course- the famous farm house table- all from Maggpie Vintage Rentals.
Each plate was adorned with a vintage letter opener, which could have been used as a quirky butter knife, or... a letter opener.  {what a novel idea!}  Thank you, Elizabeth Guerrero, for lending us the knives!
Personal letters were written to each guest, at the head table, from "the bride, Mamie".
How lovely would it be to thank each special person, for the impact that they had on your life, on your wedding day? *Written with my sisters in mind.  I love you, Neener, Bean & Nu.*
And more flower goodness.  Oh. My.
Lori, Lori, Lori.  Even the simplest arrangements make an impact.
To further tie in the love letter theme, Maggie, from Maggpie Vintage Rentals custom made these napkins.  They are copies of the original letters.  (!!!!)
So, who wants to have a wedding at Fiddle Lake Farm, with us?!


  1. Each and every element to this shoot made it come together, but that you were able to capture all the beauty, and tell the story with such emotion in these're quite the photographer Kim, bravo!