Saturday, January 26, 2013

{ialsolovechocolate} Saturday Sing Along Songs- Joshua James??

Please excuse the batter dipped face.  No one really knows what it's about.  Just close your eyes, lay flat on your back, put your feet up, and listen.  *scientifically proven {in our home} to give the best results, when listening to a new song.

*Warning- verse 2 contains an unspoken-in-our-house word.  Most songs that contain such words are skipped here.  Reeeally good songs with an unfortunate word receive loud coughs, during the {in}appropriate times.  ;)

Katie Brock introduced me to Joshua James, this week.  As if I didn't already love her enough.

Coal War.  Oh. My. describes it as such: “Coal War” begins as a simple chain gang melody and escalates into a joyous gospel and blues-rock anthem with old-school folk lyrics. 

I've always had a thing for chain gang songs.  From "The Power of One" to "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou".  I love em.  If ever I go to prison, I will be that annoying girl, rousing the other inmates to form a line, pick their parts and raise their voices in harmony, to the slip slap beat of our boots and palms.

I will most likely be roughed up for this.  But it will be oh so worth it.




Sing with me now.

"Ain't cuttin' my hair till the good Lord comes..."

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