Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Food for Thought! *Eat before reading!*

During the winter months, we "love to shoot outdoors" photographers have a little more time to add new projects to our plates. {You know where this is going, right?  hehe}

This year, my brain has been cooking up the details for my photography bootcamps and quickly gaining an appetite for food photography!

Why food photography?  Because it's different, from what I usually do. Food is universally appreciated.  Hello!  It's fabulousAnd It's a new challenge for me!  **The amount of special preparation and details that go into food photography is startling!

Here's how it all came together.

For Christmas, I {finally!!} received the book  "Plate to Pixel" {thanks, Betsy!}.

I quickly devoured its contents, then moved on to stuff myself with as many blogs about food photography, as I possibly could.

I then contacted 4 diverse, fellow foodies & fed them my "will work for food" offer. {I practice food photography, & give them the photos.  In exchange, they feed me, while I work, *woohoo!* and send me home with lots of take-out, for our family!  It's a sweet deal!}

It was a go!

On Monday, I worked with the hilarious and knowledgeable, Susan Vinskofski, creator of Leaning and Yearning.   {Susan is also my gardening mentor.}

And yesterday, I worked with some yummy, take-home goodies, from Amber Meinzer, owner of Sweet Obsessions, by Amber.

Since it's still morning, I'll begin with the breakfast spread.

Sweet Obsessions, by Amber is a bakery.  Think **comfort food**

I wanted to create an atmosphere, within the photos, that makes you want to crawl into them and not only eat up the sticky, cinnamon buns, but savor the ambiance, of the scene, as well. 

What do you think?!

Stop back later, for a sampling of some lunch & dinner appropriate goodies!

Oh! Oh!  And a special thanks to my hubby, Fred who built the background wall, in less than 5 minutes!  Woohoo for random boards in our garage and a helpful husband!


  1. Oh gosh, I am so excited for you! It's clear already that you are going to be fabulous in this new area of photography! And thanks for the warning about eating first...reading on an empty stomach would result in regrettable bingeing

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. I'm definitely enjoying the new challenge, especially the shoots where I can mix in the "homey" elements. And let's be honest... sweets & me... how can we go wrong???

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Pam! I'm thinking we should coordinate some food shots, while we're at the Lake House! What do you think?