Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello, hello. I'm at a place called...

Truuuuue story.

Don't worry.  It's not bad.  The doctor thinks it's caused by "stones in my inner ear"  Strange.  I don't recall putting stones in my ear.

In other news, yesterday I spent the better part of my day trying to nail down the specifics of the Unintentionally-Mysterious, Photography Bootcamp.

The pressure (it was all good, no worries) was so high, as person after person commented or private messaged me, asking for more information!!  Which made me really want to finalize the details... but I couldn't, because I kept getting interrupted by people asking about the details!  hah!

Your excitement increases my excitement.  :) :) :)

This is going to be good!!!

**In case you missed it on Facebook, the two dates that are confirmed are Saturday, February 9th and Saturday, March 9th.  The cost will be between $300 and $500, depending on what you select. The location is Hull's Spring Hills Farm, in Dalton, Pa.  I will also be adding in a Monday time slot (date to be determined).  The rest of the details and registration will come no later than next Tuesday!

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