Monday, April 20, 2015

Lessons I've Learned Along the Way #10 (cancer/germs)

Lessons I've learned along the way #10
When visiting, washing your hands upon arrival is a very small act that can give some peace of mind to the family and patient. Not to mention that it helps protect the patient from germs and illness...
Post chemo especially, the patient's immune system is diminished. And the thought of adding more sickness to an already taxed body is a valid concern.
Even if you just used the restroom and washed your hands, when you come into the home or hospital room of someone who is sick, grab a dab of hand sanitizer, or use the sink to wash again. By doing so, you avoid causing not-so-nice thoughts in the minds of the over-protective-germaphobes... should there be any of those around. (cough cough) And you send the message that you care about the situation enough to inconvenience yourself with a little hand cleansing.
Small act. Big rewards.
Please. And thank you.  wink emoticon

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