Monday, April 20, 2015

Lessons I've Learned Along the Way #5 (cancer/needs)

Lessons I've learned along the way #5.
"Let me know if you need anything." and "What can I do for you?" are interpreted differently.
"Let me know if you need anything." is very kind and so appreciated. I am not knocking this phrase. I have said it, and meant it many, many times, myself. But when I hear this phrase, I simply say "Thank you." (And mean it.) I don't actually tell the person what I need. It just doesn't feel comfortable, for some reason.
But "What can I do for you?" sends the message that you are ready and waiting to help. It's not just a platitude. It is a call for action. You WANT to do something. You just need to know WHAT to do.
Across the board, I have answered the "What can I do?" question with specific needs. And then almost cried because I felt truly loved by the person asking. 
There are always needs. Always. And how you phrase your words has a lot to do with whether you hear those needs or not.

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