Monday, April 20, 2015

Questions I've Gained Along the Way #1 (cancer/environment)

Lest anyone mistakenly think that I've got it all together, or have all of the answers, I'd like to mix in a few "Questions I've gained along the way" posts. If you have any answers or thoughts on the subjects, please feel free to post comments. 
Questions I've gained along the way #1.
If the medical industry acknowledges the correlation between emotions and health, why don't they do more in their medical facilities to foster an emotionally pleasing environment? 
I know that some medical facilities have gone the extra mile in this area, but in the two hospitals that we were in most, the rooms were plain. Visually sterile. Emotionally void.
There was a TV in each room, however to my knowledge there was no music option, or music playing over the intercoms. 
Hospitals have the opportunity to create attractive rooms that have the potential to uplift the spirits of their patients, which in turn may aid in their recovery.
Why do they choose to not use this opportunity? This doesn't seem like a difficult task to me.

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