Monday, April 20, 2015

Questions I've Gained Along the Way #2 (cancer/camrys)

Questions I've gained along the way #2.
Are Camrys and cancer truly ubiquitous? Or is it just my association that is causing me to see cancer now?
Several years ago our family purchased a white, Toyota Camry. As I drove it around NEPA, it suddenly felt like every fourth car was a white Camry. Two of my friends even had white Camrys. How did this happen? And how did I not see this before? Surely, they had been in plain sight...
Fast forward to today, and I feel a sense of deja vu.
With the announcement of my dad, Jack's cancer, I receive daily messages from friends who have loved ones who have battled, or are battling cancer. And I am stupefied. 
I realize that the Camry phenomenon was just my ownership causing me to notice other Camrys, however is that the case with the "cancer epidemic", as well? 
How many of you have a loved one who has, or has had cancer? *Feel free to add details that you are comfortable sharing, as I foresee your answers turning into prayers from more than a few people.*

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