Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lessons I've Learned Along the Way #20 (crisis/business derailment)

It's OK to temporarily derail your business, when a family crisis occurs.

Shortly after my dad passed away, an article came up in my Facebook news feed.  The title was something like- "5 Ways to Avoid Derailing Your Business During a Crisis".

While the general intention was good, it made me angry.

I LOVE my job.  Like REALLY love my job.  My clients are crazy awesome, my creative mind gets a daily workout, the pay is enough to contribute to my family in a meaningful way, basically aside from paying taxes and returning phone calls, it's quite perfect for me.

But, I will derail it again, and again, for the sake of my family. 

Now before you start arguing in your mind, saying- "But, Miss Kimmi, you own your business.  You have the flexibility to put it on hold without much consequence."  Please know- that is only paaaaartially true.  The problem is- when the sole worker at a business stops working, the business stops working.  Which means we lost a lot of money (and a few clients), due to cancelled shoots. 

I don't share that for a pat on the back or a sympathetic "awe".  We made it through and are OK now.  I share this with you to empower and encourage you to make the decisions that will allow you to look back on a time of crisis with no regrets.  

Your business or work may be the direction you have to go in. Maybe you're the sole bread winner in your family.  Maybe you don't have a choice.  But if you do and you're on the fence, please believe me- It IS OK to derail your business.  You will have the rest of your life to get it back on track, once the crisis is over.  But you may not have the rest of your life to help, encourage, and spend time with your loved ones.  Because "the crisis is over" may actually mean "your loved one has died" and no amount of money or clients lost will make you regret the time that you gave to your family.

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